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Creed 3: Adonis Creed's Fight Robe

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When Lizz recruited me onto Creed 3 in 2021, it’s safe to say that we as country had collectively, lived thru some craziness. After a lot of conversation, the idea of draping Adonis/Michael in the American flag regalia of Apollo Creed felt rather…irresponsible to the moment.

So, the challenge was, how do you reinterpret something so iconic? This is where Lizz’s genius shined thru for me because she put Theaster Gates and David Hammons on my plate. She knew and was unafraid of where this had to go, and we were off to the races.

In these illustrations, the robe’s stripes are made completely out of fire hoses, giving honor to Theaster’s work. As the robe goes from front to back, it morphs from the muted tone of red, white and blue, to the colors of the Pan-African flag, giving honor to the work of David Hammons. The stars, references folded flags and hand wraps (my own two cents).

This robe is fully American, fully Black, and fully Creed.