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Love, Death & Robots: Shape-Shifters

While at Blur, I had the pleasure to also work on Shape-Shifters with the incredible Blur crew. My tasks were sculpting the clothing variations and turban variations for all of the Afghan elders (including the elder werewolf), sculpting the initial pass of Sobieski's body, and the sculpting the initial pass of the elder werewolf's human form. Daniel Kho completed the sculpting of elder werewolf's human form, and I believe Frankie DeRosa finished off Sobieski's sculpting. So many other Blurians helped with the process, it was hard to keep track of everything that was going on! The team was incredible to work with, and I def wanna once again shout out Hasan, Oded, Krystal, Frankie, Damien, Romain, Tadao, and Daniel, as well as the entire Blur squad that made this possible. Many of these artists are on artstation, so you should probably follow them ;)